BBQ Organising a Barbecue for Special Occasions

Published on August 4th, 2019 | by Melissia Crossman


Organising a Barbecue for Special Occasions

Organising a Barbecue for Special Occasions

barbecuing is a time-honoured tradition all over the world. It holds a special place in our hearts—and our stomachs. There are tons of different occasions on which to throw a barbecue, but not all of them are probably the best ideas. For instance, you probably don’t want a wedding barbecue, but having one at a picnic or birthday party is the perfect setting.

Similarly, you wouldn’t want to barbecue indoors, but an outdoor barbecue would be perfect for family outings and camping trips. Here’s a quick look at barbecuing for different occasions.

Organising a Barbecue for Special Occasions

Organising a Barbecue for Special Occasions

Different Occasions that are Perfect for barbecuing

For starters, most people barbecue during outdoor gatherings, but this doesn’t have to mean going far from home. barbecue parties at home provide an excellent way to celebrate holidays and birthdays. For instance, inviting your friends and family over for an all-British barbecue is a great way to catch up with loved ones.

Home barbecue grills are typically kept on the back deck or in the garden and run on propane. These models are portable, most having wheels to make them easily mobile. This comes in handy should the wind start blowing in the direction of the party guests—you can just move the grill so the smoke doesn’t bother them.

And while these grills are generally weather and element proof, their mobility gives owners the option of bringing them indoors into the garage or basement during extreme weather or colder months. For rainy weather and standard elements, a grill cover will suffice.

You can also get charcoal barbecue grills. Most purists prefer the taste that meat gets cooked over charcoal as opposed to propane grills. You can even put some wood chips on the barbecue to get a smokier flavour into the meat, though some think this infuses the meat with carcinogens.

Barbecuing away from home

Barbecuing away from home

Barbecuing away from home

If you’d like to barbecue away from your house, you have a few options. Most parks and camping areas have built-in grills that cook on charcoal. These are typically bare bones grills, consisting of a cast iron grilling surface and a cast iron box for the coals. Nevertheless, they provide a great way to barbecue outdoors without having to lug your own grill around.

For barbecuing at the beach or in other public areas, most people prefer a grill that is low to the ground so as not to create a lot of extra carrying baggage. Grills like this are typically between 14 and 36 inches, meaning you’ll probably have to cook in small batches.

Other portable devices run on small propane tanks, providing you a cleaner fuel source that creates almost no smoke. This is preferable in extremely public areas as the less smoke you create, the more considerate you are being. Unfortunately, most of these grills aren’t much larger than their charcoal counterparts, but because of their fuel source, many come with burners that can accommodate pots and pans for extra cooking options.

That’s all for this time, but at least it provides some useful information in planning for your Summer parties – if the weather stays good of course

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